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Spamtastic: there’s more to fear than Google

Spamtastic: there’s more to fear than Google

SEO could be said to concentrate on Google a little too much sometimes. This focus can blind site owners to their real audience: internet users. Being blinded by the sparkle of Google’s shiny, shiny rankings, site owners can do things which their target market will later lead them to regret. Take spam, for example.

There are many types of spam. In search engine optimisation terms, we tend to refer mostly to search engine spam. There are other types for site owners to worry about, however, all of them potentially damaging. Too-frequent emails, unsolicited messages and other underhanded marketing tactics are all spam, and are all equally annoying to consumers. Spamtastic.

This can get you into trouble when you’re trying to build links. Annoyed customers won’t provide you with good reviews or direct links. What’s more, they are likely to recommend to friends that you be left alone. This can be even more damaging in SEO terms than it can in general word-of-mouth losses.

This might sound like an entirely avoidable situation, and it is. The trouble is, most companies don’t connect their marketing tactics with spam. It takes a little common sense. Sending customers daily emails about your Cheshire cheese company might seem like a great way to keep in touch, but when you step back from your own desires you’ll easily see that all you’re doing is filling your customers’ junk mail folders.

Annoying marketing tactics have a nasty way of sticking around on the net. If you’ve ever aimed for ‘spamtastic,’ be warned that it could come back to haunt you.

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