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Solving issues with home-workers

Solving issues with home-workers

Home-working has always been a popular choice for professional writers and those who hate the daily commute. It is also ideal for reasons of economy; no season tickets or petrol to buy, no business suits or expensive sandwiches for lunch. You only need to communicate and socialise with people of your own choosing and organising the day is down to you.

The disadvantages are that you need to be extremely self-disciplined to get the work done. It cannot be fitted around housework and other commitments or the day will be frittered away with no concrete results. On the other hand, you can work in your own unique environment in a spare room, a study or even a dedicated garden shed. If you prefer the companionship of people but not the distraction, then working in your local library for part of the day is ideal. You have the freedom to come and go at your own pace and wear whatever you like.

For the employer, freelance home-workers can present difficulties. If they are ill or other commitments occur then that vital piece of work will not be delivered on time. You may have saved on National Insurance contributions and office space, but you have lost out on content delivery.

A good solution is to use an agency for the work that you cannot produce in-house. For many businesses today, this work will be the blog and advertising copy content of their websites as most cannot retain staff purely for this task. Reputable agencies have dedicated teams of experienced, professional content writers and copywriters on their books, some of whom work from home, some from the office – either way, you can avoid the problems of hiring home-working writers but keep all the benefits.

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