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Instagram restaurant

Soho restaurant introduces #foodporn Instagram kits

Instagram restaurant

Soho restaurant introduces #foodporn Instagram kits

A London restaurant is helping diners up their social media “food porn” game by supplying them with “foodie Instagram packs”.

It’s something we’ve all experienced: you’re just about to tuck into a delicious spaghetti carbonara at a fancy Italian bistro after starving yourself all day in anticipation, but before you’ve even tucked in your napkin, somebody at the table holds up the proceedings by taking photographs of each meal. Cue the grinding of teeth and muttered cursing of social media.

However, the newly opened Dirty Bones restaurant in Soho London is actively encouraging people to take pictures by supplying them with essential equipment to create the ultimate foodie content.

The kits feature a tripod and selfie stick for overhead shots of the table, an LED light, power chargers for your mobile device and a wide-angle lens. A spokesperson for Dirty Bones explained that the brand new restaurant takes the “Instagram universe” into consideration, adding:

“People love to share what they’re eating on social media, se we wanted to put together something that makes it easier to get that perfect shot regardless of the lighting or time of day.”

Instagram kits are all well and good, but if the food looks like a dog’s dinner to start with, no number of filters or augmented reality bunny ears can make it attractive. However, the restaurant thinks that it has this covered, and has even gone so far as to design its menu around the dishes that are trending the most on the platform. The spokesperson explained:

“Dirty Bones’ menu has also been curated to provide picture-perfect sharable content, with new trending dishes such as Fish Tacos standing alongside the iconic Mac Daddy Burger and Cheeseburger Dumplings.”

Are the kits a shrewd business move? It’s unsurprising that Instagram is helping people to decide where and what to eat, given that foodie culture is currently riding the crest of a wave and the sheer amount of aspirational content on the platform. People will take pictures of their food and tag them regardless, so it actually makes sense to ensure that if you can’t beat them, join them by enabling diners to take a good picture. It would certainly provide motivation to chefs; we can easily imagine a red-faced Gordon Ramsey screaming: “Would you ***** share this plate of **** on Insta-*******-gram?” at a hapless commis chef.

Time will tell if the kits will bring customers in, but Dirty Bones sees them as recognising the importance of the social media site in everyday culture.

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