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Social media used by more than half of Brits during romantic meal

Social media used by more than half of Brits during romantic meal

According to research carried out on behalf of PC World and Currys, over half of British people surveyed admit that they would check their social media accounts during a romantic meal. The survey results indicate that half the Brits questioned would be socialising with around ten other people on their Twitter and Facebook accounts while eating a cosy meal for two.

The results of the research also revealed that 66% of respondents could not resist the urge to check their Facebook page while eating an evening meal. Some Twitter users – around a third – are compelled to check the Twitter site all through the evening. Letting ‘friends’ know where they were eating is one of the most popular activities on social media sites, along with status updates and posting photos. Perhaps most worryingly, a fifth of British social media users would use the social networking sites while out on a first date.

The survey also indicated differences between the sexes, with women having a greater likelihood of visiting a social media site while having a meal than men. However, women are more likely to become irritated if they were ignored by their partner while he used Twitter or Facebook.

Ben Lovett, a spokesman for the survey, stated that the results indicate a trend towards the use of social media. Businesses worldwide incorporate social media as part of their SEO strategy, realising that social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter play a huge role in their search engine optimisation.

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