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Social media giant to enhance its services


Social media giant to enhance its services

Facebook, the internet’s most prominent social networking site, is set make significant updates to its Events feature.

Company CEO, Mark Zuckerberg recently unveiled the firm’s strategy to freshen up the service. New users of the site are the ones currently being experimented upon, as they can already see the alterations to the feature taking place. One of the newer elements is that the service flags up events that are likely to be highly attended by an individual’s friends on their newsfeed.

Furthermore, the social network wants to keep its users in the loop on events that are happening around them, with plans to achieve this by changing the way users interact with the events section. It will do this by introducing ‘follow’ and ‘remind me’ options to show a level of interest in an event without having to commit to it.

As current users of the platform will already know, events that are set up on the site can either be set to public or private. The company is set to adapt the two options in order to allow users to distinguish between them.

Public events will be updated to show a larger header image as well as providing more detailed information about both the location and the event. As for private events, the company has started to test a range of cover arts and themes to add more pizzazz to users’ invites. Individuals will be able to choose from 36 themes for their event’s page, Android users will be the first to see these changes, with users on iOS devices gaining access in the near future.

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