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Social media could help fill festive jobs


Social media could help fill festive jobs

It has recently been stated that the use of social media platforms to advertise and fill temporary Christmas roles could soon take over from more traditional methods.

According to a post on management consultant Gallup’s business site, taking a social approach to job creation and fulfilment could help to find applicants that are more in tune with a company’s branding.

By relying on reputation management and engaging content, a firm would be able to get across a specific message about itself, which may not be found through other media. This message, or identity, could appeal to the best candidates for a role, making it easier to fill the post.

The research company’s associate director for selection and development, Brandon Rigoni, PhD, commented that by following this approach to brand reputation management, firms would be able to attract “solid” applicants to the role, even when it comes to seasonal hiring.

As many people are more likely to interact with businesses through social platforms, rather than through traditional, direct methods such as calling them up or even checking out their websites, the approach could have a much wider reach. Moreover, as such online networks can communicate quickly, Gallup stated that target applicants can be reached, and respond, easily.

After revealing that major US retailers such as Wal-Mart and Macy’s have already turned to this approach for seasonal job hiring, Rigoni added a note of caution, stating that when operating through social media, a co-ordinated approach would be needed to reach the right applicants with the correct mindset for the role.

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