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Social business – internet marketing in the social media generation

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Social business – internet marketing in the social media generation

With a large proportion of the world’s population now occupying space on social media sites, it is understandable that businesses have moved towards using such platforms as business tools. What is important to remember is that it isn’t just large companies that can and should be using social networking sites as internet marketing tools, the little guy can make use of them too.

Social media is arguably one of the ‘integral’ parts of life for the majority of people; we use it to keep in contact with distant relatives, and friends, but also sharing interests with people half way across the world. In this day and age, it simply isn’t enough to just have a website, businesses are moving to the use of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, with many businesses now seeing how the use of social media as a marketing tool is beneficial.

So why is social media important for business? These are some of the reasons:

You can connect with customers – it allows businesses to grasp what customers think about the services they offer. Connecting with customers creates a sense of community, and in this way customers will see your business as one they can trust.

Immediate information delivery – traditional marketing channels are very much a one-way-street, information is sent out, and the customer gets the information. Social media allows businesses the ability to actually converse with customers about this information.

Increase traffic and search engine ranking – in general, social media platforms have high traffic volumes and as a result, given the right implementation, means that high volumes of traffic can also be filtered to your own business’ website using your social networking account.

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