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Social accounts a growth area for business

Social accounts a growth area for business

Companies working on the best social media newsfeeds could perform better than less digitally savvy firms, especially if they have a presence on more than one platform, a new survey has suggested.

According to the findings of the study, which polled 7,500 “social media consumers”, over a third now expected the news to come to them, rather than having to seek it out. The survey also reported that 34% of Internet users only accessed news by clicking through from social media posts.

The poll went on to breakdown the numbers for which people are more likely to use the various social media channels. It showed that women are more likely to get their daily fill of news from social media click-throughs, with 37% preferring this route to read about current affairs.

Men, meanwhile, have a preference for sourcing stories through a search engine, with 49% responding that this was their choice. When using social media channels, however, males were more likely to trawl the more text-based platforms, using the likes of Google+, LinkedIn and, of course, Twitter.

Women, on the other hand, preferred the more “visual” channels, such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

However, the overriding conclusion of the report was for firms to use different types of content and tones spread across a varying array of platforms. It said that this was the best way for digital marketing campaigns being put in place by SEO copywriting services to “fulfil their potential”.

The survey also revealed that the consumption of newsfeed items through mobile devices was the most popular way to access news.

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