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Snow joke: Christmas Easter egg delivered by Google

Snow joke: Christmas Easter egg delivered by Google

Thousands of kids and families are no doubt wishing for a White Christmas this year, whilst much of the UK has already been blanketed in snow. As such, many content writers are likely to be writing wintry themed pages to tap into the festive opportunities.

Joining in with the fun, the world’s most popular search engine, Google, has delivered a wonderful Christmas themed “Easter Egg” for us all to enjoy.

Users of the search engine typing in “Let It Snow” will be presented with gently falling snowflakes from the top of the screen. After a short time, the screen will become distorted and eventually entirely covered.

There is nothing to be too concerned with though. Unlike in recent years where the UK has been completely ground to halt by the white stuff, Google has an instant answer.

Holding down the left mouse button and moving the cursor across the screen will create a clean area for example. For those wanting to clean the screen entirely, clicking the “Defrost” button, which wittily replaces the regular search button, is all that is needed.

News of the gadget has already stormed across the net much like a blizzard, and will likely serve Google very well. As well as attracting visitors, the search results listed from the query are also heavily populated with You Tube links.

As search marketing goes, it’s pretty cool.

It is not the first time such a hidden message has been used by the Californian outfit though. Earlier this year their “do a barrel roll” offering proved popular, and still does today.

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