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Google disavow

Snippets for product review pages updated by Google

Google disavow

Snippets for product review pages updated by Google

Google product review pages may be shown differently in Google thanks to a recent update to the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Google has recently been releasing its latest update for product reviews, called the ‘July 2022 product reviews update’ – which you can find out more about here. This update seems to have also released a brand new search snippet to the SERPs that enables you to see the pros and cons of the products written about in product review pages.

As well as this update, Google has released new structured data (schema) that help tell search engines more information about the content on the site. This means you may want to use this new structured data to show the pros and cons of a product in search results, which can help to improve the clickthrough rate to your website. This schema isn’t mandatory though and Google can still pull information into the snippets automatically.

In a recent blog post, Google states:

“Product reviews often contain a list of pros and cons, which our research has shown to be popular with shoppers when making their purchasing decisions. Because of their importance to users, Google Search may highlight pros and cons in the product review snippet in Search results.”

The following image from Google’s Search Central blog shows how the snippet is shown to searchers:

Pros and Cons Snippet SERPs

There are some criteria that need to be met in order for the pros and cons to be included in SERPs, such as:

– only editorial product reviews are currently eligible to show this new snippet
– you have to have at least two statements about the products (being either positive or negative)
– the pros and cons have to be shown to users on the page for them to be shown

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