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Smartphones now outselling basic mobiles

Smartphones now outselling basic mobiles

According to a recent report from Gartner, smartphone sales during Q2 2013 surpassed sales figures for standard mobile handsets.

In the report, the industry analysts noted that smartphone sales accounted for more than half (51.8%) of all mobile sales.

Global smartphone sales grew by around 46% against figures from 2012.

During the period, 225 million smartphones were sold compared to 210 million basic ‘feature’ handsets.

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Discussing the findings of the report, Gartner’s principle research analyst, Anshul Gupta, said:

“There is one stand out reason for why smartphones surpassed feature phones in the second quarter and that was Asia Pacific, where sales grew by 74 per cent year-on-year, and within the region countries like China and India were driving the growth.”

While the widespread decline in basic feature phones sales had some effect on Nokia, the firm still managed to come in second place in a list of the highest selling vendors. In particular, the Finnish company’s Lumia brand performed well during the period, expanding its range and growing by around 112%.

Android remains unchallenged as the number one operating system, boasting a market share of more than three quarters (79%) . Apple’s iOS stands second with 14.2%. BlackBerry fell back into fourth with 2.7% – one place behind Windows Phone OS, which now commands a market share of 3.3%.

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