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Smart updates from Google Play save resources

Smart updates from Google Play save resources

Google Play has launched a new feature which will save data costs and time when downloading updates to apps. Smart updates, also known as delta updates, lets a user download only the part of the app from Google Play which has been updated, saving resources. Previously, the whole package had to be downloaded.

An announcement about the feature was made at Google’s June I/O and it has recently been made available. Rather than downloading a whole app which could be around 13MB, you can download the update which may only be around 3MB. There are a number of advantages to the new feature for Google Play apps, especially time saving. Downloading large files using a slow Wi-Fi connection may take a number of hours, whereas downloading only the updates will be much quicker. Your data allowance won’t be as heavily affected using the new feature.

The new feature appears to work with older versions of the Play store, although when downloading an update Google Play will still display the full download size. The ability to install delta updates doesn’t appear to be available with Apples App Store, although delta updates are used when the system is updated.

Google strives to create an improved user experience, saving time and costs where possible which is why businesses incorporate the search engine company into their SEO strategy. Changes introduced by Google are likely to affect a company’s search engine optimisation, making some SEO jobs more complex. The latest change could affect companies all over the world, from Liverpool to LA.

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