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Small businesses SEO advice: declare War! (heeeurgh!) with SEO

Small businesses SEO advice: declare War! (heeeurgh!) with SEO

If you’re a small business, you’ve got a lot working against you in the search engines. The big sites are not going to give you any ground, and you don’t have much power when it comes to taking what you want from them. To gain ground in the SERPs, you need to treat your SEO campaign as a waging of war against everyone in your way.

War‘ can help you plan out your search engine optimisation strategies. If you envisage the places ahead of you in the search engine results pages as ground you have to gain, amass your resources and apply tactical strategies, you’ll be surprised at how smoothly logical your SEO planning can be. Thinking this way can turn a huge task into a series of logical steps.

Assemble your forces. Your pages are your soldiers; things you can give away are your bullets. Draw up a list of assets before you begin.

Analyse the terrain. Keywords form the terrain of SEO, so your keyword research is vital.

Perform reconnaissance. Knowing what the enemy is up to is essential. In this case, analysing competitors helps you reassess your own tactics as you go.

Find allies. Wars aren’t easy to win alone, and rankings don’t rise in isolation. One of your major SEO jobs should be to build powerful inbound links.

Practise subterfuge. Battles are more easily won when the opposition can’t guess your moves. Undertake a wide range of SEO tactics to keep your competitors guessing, and unable to mount a workable counterattack.

  • Agreed! You can’t leave SEO to chance, it needs a structured approach or campaign. Business is a war, if you loose you go bust!

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