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Six tips for making a trustworthy website

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Six tips for making a trustworthy website

Focusing on building trust is key for visitors to your website and your marketing strategy, but did you know that it’s also vital for search engines and can help you get better results from your search engine optimisation (SEO) campaigns?

Obviously, trust is a key factor in general for marketing your business. If a visitor to your website doesn’t trust your business and your website, they are not going to buy from you, and you’ll most likely lose this prospective customer forever.

However, trust has also been important ever since the original Google PageRank algorithm, which was the first algorithm used by Google as a search engine. Trust also plays a key role in current Google algorithms where the focus is on user experience and website security.

With this in mind, here are six ways to make your site authentic and trustworthy:

1. Make sure you use an actual name or brand for your website URL. Your URL structure should be short, simple and conventional.

2. Keep your website clutter free and provide a good user experience, including having simple navigation, a clean site structure, white space between elements to help with readability, and no broken links.

3. Write content that shows your expertise and is useful to people visiting your website, rather than writing simply to influence search engines.

4. Have little or no advertising on your website, as this is one of the most important negative ranking factors for Google and other search engines like Yandex.

5. Give your site a human touch. An about us page, author bios and real team photos show that you’re a real business with real people

6. Stay secure. Having an HTTPS website, trust signals (such as badges, reviews and testimonials) and a privacy policy can build confidence among visitors.

Have a chat with the friendly team here at Engage Web to discuss how we can help your business build trust online, whether that’s through having a new website or growing your existing website.

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