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Six LinkedIn marketing tips to help you grow your business

LinkedIn game

Six LinkedIn marketing tips to help you grow your business

Experts recognise LinkedIn as the world’s foremost business social network. More than 600 million professionals use it each day to connect, share knowledge, discuss their industries and further the interests of their companies and careers. However, LinkedIn is also a hotspot for B2B prospecting, with enterprises enrolled enjoying direct access to competitors, customers, investors, prospects and possible hires. As a result, it can be a powerful marketing tool when used effectively. Read on for six marketing tips to help expand your operation.

Identifying goals

For any marketing plan to succeed it must have clear aims. Whether you want to boost your brand profile, drive web traffic, or capture fresh leads, set your LinkedIn goals.

Perfect profiles

Your LinkedIn profile is the first point of contact. Ensure it is not only complete, but absolutely credible and typo-free.

Optimised for search

Use SEO tools like keywords related to your industry to optimise your LinkedIn page and ensure that new contacts can find you.

Share content

To succeed on social media, content is critical. Create and share high-quality original content like blogs, videos and webinars with topics suited to your target market.

Extend your network

Grow your LinkedIn network by ensuring all employees follow you page and like your posts. Invite partners and customers to do the same and share content from industry influencers.

Measure impact

Always measure the success of your marketing to make informed decisions. Learn to use LinkedIn’s in-built analytics tools for real time data updates.

At Engage Web, we work closely with our ambitious clients to help them achieve specific goals to grow their business. Whether you’re a small or large business, you can count on our experienced team for assistance. Reach out to us now to explore how we can help.

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