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Simplifying search: Bing redesigns SERP

Simplifying search: Bing redesigns SERP

A major development in the world of search in the past week saw Bing start to relaunch its SERP. A progressive launch, pages across the world will see the changes introduced gradually.

First impressions reveal that the new SERP is a close representation of the Google SERP from some years ago and it seems this is just what the aim was.

According to the Bing blog, it is all about simplifying the search results, which they say have become all together a little complicated over the years.

The major way that results have been stripped back is to move social content into a defined area and this does result in a less cluttered page. This is a positive step and shows a clear difference in direction from Google, which seems to be heavily promoting the social element.

The page layout will get an overhaul in all aspects, such as moving Related Searches from the top left of the SERP to the bottom right.

Other changes see additional search options such as local and images being tabbed at the top, instead of being formatted in links to the left of the page. It all results in a greater spread of white space, delivering a clear and slick feel.

The visual changes are naturally the most noticeable but SEO marketers also need to be aware of a few things happening beneath the hood. Subtle algorithm changes aim to return more relevant search results, though making content navigable is the primary ambition of the update.

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