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Should your website feature a Frequently Asked Questions page?

Should your website feature a Frequently Asked Questions page?

Does your company website have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page? In this blog, we’re looking at some key reasons why this feature is well worth considering. Read on to learn more and see if an FAQ is right for you.

FAQ pages enhance user experiences

Regardless of how well-organised and easy to read your site is, users will typically need to scroll several pages to track down the information they seek. This time-consuming process can put customers off and see them seek answers elsewhere. FAQs compile commonly asked questions on topics related to your firm, providing a focus point for information on your site that is easily accessible.

FAQ pages help users to navigate websites

While the answers on an FAQ page exist throughout your site already, they aren’t always simple to find. Website visitors mainly use menus to navigate, but FAQ pages with links can direct them to further information from blog posts and product pages to a whitepaper or terms and conditions. As a result, FAQs deliver a deeper experience for users but also boost internal link building to improve search rankings.

FAQ pages can drive traffic to sites

Establishing an FAQ page provides firms with a great opportunity to not only give answers to questions about how they operate and what they offer, but also more general questions about their industry and even their competitors. Supplying answers to such questions can attract users who were unaware of your firm entirely but located the answer they sought via a search query. FAQs are often selected as Google snippets, attracting traffic to your website.

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