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Should you optimise your content for misspelled keywords?

Should you optimise your content for misspelled keywords?

Google’s algorithms are constantly evolving, and tactics that were once used to dominate the search engine results page may no longer have the same levels of success.

In the world of SEO (search engine optimisation), optimising your content for misspelled keywords was once considered a cheeky trick to include in your SEO strategy. By targeting more keywords, even if they were misspelled, your page would show up in more search results.

Think of how many times you’ve searched something on Google before realising you’ve included a typo in the spelling. Now imagine how many other users have also made the same error.

If we were to include these misspelled searches with the searches that were spelt accurately, that would be a significant amount of additional traffic to your site.

How easy would SEO be if it was that simple?

Gone are the days where you could add a few misspelled keywords into your content and capitalise on additional search traffic.

Google is a lot smarter these days. When a search is performed, it can detect misspelled words, suggest an alternative spelling, and show results for this.

We can see this by making a search and analysing the results. If we search for the term “chocolate chop cookies”, Google will suggest the alternative spelling “chocolate chip cookies” and show results for this instead.

Is it therefore appropriate to optimise your content for misspelt keywords? The answer is no. Google is smart enough to recognise spelling mistakes in searches and return the relevant results.

Not only that, but misspelling keywords in your content could also be detrimental to the SEO performance of your website.

Google is thought to favour content that prioritises E-A-T, a framework that stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. Spelling mistakes in your content could be seen by Google as low-quality, which could have an adverse effect on your websites visibility in search results.

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