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Should you list your prices on your website?

Should you list your prices on your website?

When planning a website, many people consider whether they should place their prices in full view. While the idea of being upfront in terms of costs may feel like an honest approach, and a way of avoiding confusion, a fear of putting people off and foregoing the opportunity to sell as part of a more personable pitch can be a concern. Below, we’ll explore some solutions and provide some ideas for the next step.

When prices on your website can be appropriate

If your business is selling standardised services and products, prices displayed on your website can be an ethical move. This applies to retail firms listing a catalogue of fixed products, but also enterprises that offer amenities such as online services, software as a service (SaaS), financial services, training courses. membership organisations and package event planners.

Companies selling products in markets with high levels of transparency often list prices. Such markets involve easily searchable products with prices clearly displayed – platforms like Amazon, for example. This can influence consumers to purchase your products by viewing your competitive price, and if it is standard practice to communicate costs in your industry, then you’ll want to make sure you do so.

When listing prices on your website may not work

Many companies offering bespoke, complex or custom products and services find prices are best removed from their websites. Such firms include marketing agencies, consultancies, personalised software providers, construction companies and products suppliers.

The role of a website for firms in this category is to demonstrate the value of their offering and encourage enquiries about their services. Only once the firm has had the chance to discuss the customer’s requirements should they begin communicating a price, to ensure that they can tailor the service to meet the consumer’s needs and budget.

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