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Should you be worried about Bing?

Should you be worried about Bing?

Bing hit the search industry with a splash in 2009 and excitement is still surprisingly high. Although it’s still a little too early to see whether the new search engine’s claims of giving Google something to worry about are on the mark, things don’t look too optimistic. You would have thought that something would have happened over the last few months. So, should you worry about Bing?

Some SEO experts certainly seem to think Bing is still a contender. Commentaries in the industry still speculate about changes when Bing gains a proper foothold. It’s surprising for a new search engine contender to be stirring so much interest several months down the track when it hasn’t actually achieved that much. Microsoft’s former search engine was firmly in third place behind Google and Yahoo! for many years. Bing is… in third place behind Google and Yahoo!.

Things don’t seem to have changed that much.

Part of the excitement comes from a secretly harboured wish in some SEO hearts to see Google toppled. With so much change everywhere else on the Internet in the last decade, Google has managed to stay surprisingly firm. No real SEO pro enjoys the monopoly Google has on search engine optimisation, and Bing presents a hope for some interesting competition.

Despite being still in third place, Microsoft’s search engine is far from a nobody in the search industry. In an industry where gaining half a market share point is something to shout about, Bing has managed to creep up on Yahoo by several points, and even take Google down a peg or two. This suggests that there is some truth to claims that Bing is a challenger.

Should you worry about Bing? Right now, no. But keep an eye on developments.

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