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SEOs and Google have evolved

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SEOs and Google have evolved

Not long ago, search engine optimisation was seen as a black art. Virtual magicians would delve into the secret vaults of Google’s rankings system and improve their clients’ positions in these lists. Indeed, this may have been the case but as Google has matured, so have those SEO magicians.

Search engine optimisation is no longer about tricking Google’s algorithmic ranking system; it is now an important element of online marketing with a dynamism all of its own.

Google has been instrumental in this change. It has altered the way information is found and is not shy in promoting its own online offer.

Brand identification through high-quality content is now more important for SEOs than the magical manipulation of rankings. Google’s latest algorithm forced internet marketers to create strategic yet engaging web content. This, when backed with a strong brand, will yield a better search engine result for businesses.

Alongside the need to create a great brand and have quality content, it is important for SEOs to remember that Google’s algorithm is going to become picky about the links a website has, as it seems as though the latest algorithm will give lower priority to inbound links. This might seem worrying, but those links will still be essential to attract customers from Facebook, Twitter or other websites.

Google’s ubiquitous integration into the smartphone market means many searches are taking place on mobile devices. For SEOs, this means pages need to be optimised for mobile users with a responsive website design.

For longevity in success online, marketers need to ensure campaigns are treated as a quality product. Consumers attach themselves to appealing campaigns, often more so than the actual product. As such, higher quality, content-led campaigns will provide dividends for businesses.

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