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SEOPR makes online efforts more successful

SEOPR makes online efforts more successful

With search engine optimisation gaining ever more credibility in the mainstream marketing world, it is little surprise that many companies are bringing their SEO and PR experts together. In effect, it should not have taken this long, but it should at least be a happy marriage.

Be seen in the right place

Link building, as the world and his mistresses know, is where good rankings are going to be won. Moreover, these links must be solid, trusted and earned. However, understanding just where the best links are is not always easy.

Unless you work to a PR mindset of course. Targeting content and features to attract links from trusted sources, news agencies, respected forums and so on is all about public relations. It is essentially that old adage of ‘how you say it, not what you say.’

Engage the customer

You still need to have something to say of course – relevancy and all that – but it needs to be said in such a way that will interest a veritable smörgåsbord of sources. Unless it is über-interesting of course, in which case it will be picked up quicker than a case of herpes in a halls of residence.

This is just the first step though, SEO PR should also focus on direct customer engagement, in the right way. With so many social media platforms now, that is simplicity itself.

Yet again though, knowing what to say is important and, a great tip, is to shadow the style and tone of the customer his or herself. Familiarity and connection, all done and dusted.

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