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Search engine surprise

SEO tools company reveals brand new search engine

Search engine surprise

SEO tools company reveals brand new search engine

Ahrefs, a well-known tool used by many search engine optimisation (SEO) gurus, has released a brand new search engine called ‘Yep’.

An Ahrefs search engine was announced as far back as 2019, but in a market so heavily dominated by Google, what does Yep bring to the industry?

What is Yep?

Yep is a new general web search engine similar to Google, and the team at Ahrefs are positioning it as a competitor to the California tech giant. These are lofty ambitions that have been outlined before by rival search engines that may have dedicated users, but have never come close to troubling Google’s huge market share.


This is the real selling point for Yep as the search engine doesn’t collect any personal information (such as geolocation, name, age, gender) by default, and your search history will not be stored anywhere. This is a great alternative to Google for people who want to make sure that their personal information isn’t being collected or processed.

Yep does collect some information on searches, but never anything that is personal data.


With the new search engine, Ahrefs have also said that 90% of its advertising profits from the Yep search engine will be shared with content publishers. Dmytro Gerasymenko, CEO of Ahrefs, stresses:

“Creators who make search results possible deserve to receive payments from their work.”

With Yep being new to the search engine industry, it still won’t be upsetting Google’s 90% share in the industry any time soon. However, like Google, Yep focuses on providing searches with relevant content, which underlines the importance of having quality content on your website.

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Jonathon Roberts

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