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SEO starts with squirrels

SEO starts with squirrels

The search engine optimisation industry is full of all kinds of interesting and helpful advice, but chances are you haven’t ever been told to take on the behaviours of the world’s cutest rodents before in an effort to help your website’s search engine rankings. Impersonating squirrels really can help with SEO, though, at least in one respect.

One of every site owner’s many SEO jobs is to post fresh, regular content. It doesn’t matter to the search engines that you’ve had a busy day, or that your laptop’s battery died half-way through a composition. The interruption of your regular posting schedule is going to look bad to the search engines. The answer, therefore, is to have a couple of pieces of content squirrelled away with the rest of your nuts.

Failing to do this can cause discomfort at the very least. For example, today I managed to catch the cold that’s going around the office. I knew I couldn’t dodge it for very long, but foolishly believed that any cold I had would not affect me. I was of course wrong. Now I’m stuck, with an aching head, sore throat and sensitive eyes, sitting in front of a computer because I didn’t squirrel away some content for a rainy day. If only I had behaved more like our fluffy-tailed, park-dwelling friends, I could be at home getting the rest I need.

Of course, I could possibly acquire the content I need from my workmates by taking on some of the other behaviours of squirrels, but I don’t have a squirrel costume handy. I’m just going to have to struggle through, and be better prepared next time.

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