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SEO reasons to become a Google News Publisher

SEO reasons to become a Google News Publisher

Applying to become a Google News Publisher is something that every website that offers good quality news content should do. However, becoming accepted as a Google News Publisher isn’t easy because Google has certain requirements that you must meet before you can become accepted. These requirements are both technical and content based, which is why many websites find that they’re attempts to become publishers for Google News fail.

But why do websites try in the first place? What are the benefits to becoming a Google News Publisher?

Here are just a few reasons that you should read the guidelines on becoming a Google News Publisher and seriously consider writing content for your website in order to apply:

Increased Traffic
When your content is listed within Google News you will receive increased traffic from people looking for information relating to each news article that you write. This traffic may not necessarily be looking for your services as such, but they will be looking for the information that you have provided.

Increased Brand Awareness
As a Google News Publisher your website will begin to rank at the top of Google News for various searches when your content is published, and your website will also rank on the first page of the organic search when news results are pulled through. This will ensure that your website is exposed to more people.

Increased Links
By appearing in Google News your content will be exposed to more people, more website owners and more news publishers – ensuring that your website will be linked to as a valuable resource. Your website will also pick up links from other sites that use Google News feeds, automatically generating links to you when you write new content.

Increased Comments
The right content (content that is interesting and engaging) will pick up more comments on your website as a result of being in Google News. This is because your content is exposed to people who are specifically looking for it, giving you an exact match in terms of content/reader.

If these benefits sound of interest, perhaps you should think about adding content to your website?

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