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SEO jokes causes hazard for games developer

SEO jokes causes hazard for games developer

There is an ongoing task charged to those working on the Google Play Store, to remove low and spurious quality content. However, one recent banning order shows that the Californian giant is not holding back in regards to promotion either, even when a bit of fun.

Hazardous cargo

The search engine firm is clearly also aiming its sights at developers who are deemed to be over using, or spamming, search engine optimisation strategies. They are also targeting developers that have been honest.

The advertising blurb for the “retro and arcade inspired game”, recently read:

“Sit on the edge of your bus, train, subway, office or toilet seat as you evade enemies and collect multipliers in pursuit of your high scores. Hazard Rush is half Snake, half Geometry Wars, and half Temple Run (maybe that last one is just SEO).”

Apparently taking umbrage with the the mention of SEO planting, the game was banned from being listed for purchase in Play Store.

Rush and crash

Google was quick to fire off an email to the developer, Surreal Street, explaining its decision. The email, which has been published by the developer, read:

“This is a notification that your application, Hazard Rush, has been removed from the Google Play Store. REASON FOR REMOVAL: Violation of the spam provisions of the Content Policy. Please refer to the spam policy help article for more information.”

Taking to Reddit to express the disappointment felt, the developer wrote:

“I don’t know what to do. From an amazing high to crashing lows,”

The banning order came just five days after the game had been published.

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