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SEO is the first hurdle of a new business

SEO is the first hurdle of a new business

One of the biggest mistakes that new businesses make in this post-recession boom time for business start-ups is to have no real idea as to from where their sales are going to come. A great business idea is often followed by a search for offices, a search for staff and a search for a design agency to build the website and work on the logos, stationery and branding… all followed by a search for reasons as to why the phone isn’t ringing, and why there are no enquiries coming through the website.

The problem is that many new businesses do things the wrong way round. There’s no point spending money unnecessarily on office space that you won’t need, on staff that will be sat around idly and on marketing materials that no one will see. Before you think big and branch out into premises, you need to know if your business idea will work, if you can generate sales and if you can make enough profit to expand. Get the sales in; then work on the 9ft sign for the offices.

Don't let your business fall at the first hurdle

You do this with the website. A website is the one tool in the armoury of a business where it can compete with the biggest players in the game. Your website can have you looking like giants, or tadpoles, depending on how well designed it is and where it ranks within the search engines for your industry’s keywords. If your website doesn’t rank well within Google, the money you’ve spent on your signage or the contract you have with a water cooler supplier isn’t going to matter – nobody will be there to see it.

There is nothing worse in business than finding that you’ve made a big mistake and you’ve spent large sums of money in all the wrong places, meaning that you’re sitting around waiting for the phone to ring. It won’t. Your website won’t ‘magically’ get visitors and your new business venture will fall at the first hurdle – the hurdle being SEO.

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