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SEO is important says 95% of businesses

SEO is important says 95% of businesses

According to a recent survey from the online magazine Practical eCommerce, 95% of online businesses stated that search engine optimisation was an important part of their marketing strategy.

The survey was conducted in April this year, showing an overwhelming usage of SEO within businesses online. 3.1% of those who responded didn’t know whether SEO was important, and one solitary respondent stated that SEO was not important at all – wouldn’t like to be working for them!

82.8% of those who responded said that they have had SEO on their website and that it was optimised for search engines. 11% of the respondents said their website had not been optimised, and 6.3% didn’t know either way. The respondents who supported SEO used words such as ‘imperative’ and ‘essential’ to describe it, but the figures showed a discrepancy between the number of people who stated that search engine optimisation was important, and the number of people who actually understood it.

Perhaps some people know that SEO is important without really understanding it?

40.6% of those surveyed purported to fully understand the nature of SEO. 54.7% of those surveyed said however that they sort of understand it, whereas 4.7% claimed they didn’t understand SEO in the slightest.

The importance of SEO has grown significantly over the last decade, with figures from a survey conducted by Internet Retailer showing that 51% of retail websites stated that at least 25% of their traffic came from organic search, and just 28% stated that most of their traffic came from PPC.

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