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SEO future points to specialised departments

SEO future points to specialised departments

With releases coming from all over to change search engine algorithms, 2012 has proven to be yet another busy year for SEO. The growing importance of SEO has also been recognised by many companies, large and small, across the UK and the world.

Specialised departments

The future looks set to see this trend continuing too.

Increasing numbers of firms, realising just how positive an effect successfully delivered SEO strategies can have, are beginning to invest more heavily. In many companies, stand alone departments within marketing are being created too.

Though SEO is getting its own department, and headcounts in the department are rising, there is actually a closer working relationship between all marketing arms. This is seen as key to make online strategies work, whilst integration is naturally easier for customers to work with.

It also delivers instant brand recognition, something which is traditionally hard to achieve.

Link to win

Increased outsourcing, particularly for targeted campaigns, is also being seen. Allowing experience, industry expertise and all important creative talent to be tapped into, SMEs in particular are using this route.

The number of and quality of incoming links is also going to continue to be important. Whilst links from authoritative and trusted sites such as popular news sites will continue to be highly rewarding, links to and from social media platforms should also gain in significance.

Underpinning all of this though, will be the continued exploitation of the SO basics. As such, continuing to develop strategy will be needed, as will the keyword scaling, ROI measuring and deeper analysis of SERP performance.

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