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SEO experience: Self taught or agency learned?

SEO experience: Self taught or agency learned?

www.engageweb.coWhen people search the Internet for SEO jobs, they’ll find a wealth of available positions in search engine optimisation companies around the UK, ranging from down south in London, to up north in Manchester, Liverpool and the Wirral. SEO jobs usually request that applicants have prior experience of SEO, whether that’s from previously working in an SEO company or from personal experience.

However, which is better? Which makes the better SEO professional? Are you better off learning SEO for yourself in order to be an SEO professional, or should you join an SEO agency and learn from them. There are obviously two schools of thought on this.

If you work for an SEO company you will be taught the processes that work for them. These processes will usually be very methodical and clear, and will have been arrived at over a period of time and honed to produce a quick process that gets results. However, if you ‘just’ follow these processes, without thinking for yourself, you will know what works without knowing why. You will know what works now, but not what will work in the future – and you will know only what you are taught.

If however you learn SEO for yourself you will have a better understanding of why what you are doing works. You will know what impact each subtle little change will have and you will have to keep abreast of changes in order to succeed. However, you will also be dependent on the quality of the sources that you use for your information; as such it could take you a lot longer to identify what works, and what doesn’t. You may learn a more organic system for SEO, but you will not be made aware of the swift processes that SEO companies use to SEO clients websites quickly.

Both methods of learning SEO have their pros and cons, but perhaps the best way is to combine the two – plus, as a lot of SEO companies want prior experience with search engine optimisation, you may find it imperative that you learn SEO for yourself before you apply for any position anyway.

  • I think that companies at large are not willing to invest in an only SEO employee yet. I think that many companies do not see the justification of having a person working on their internet presence; and if they are, they are relying in PR companies. Hence, I conclude that aside from SEO skills, companies would want employees with other skills too.

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