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SEO copywriting clichés

SEO copywriting clichés

When you have read a lot of web copy on hundreds of different websites you begin to notice some similarities in the way that copy has been structured. It’s almost as if the content has been ‘cookie cut’ to fit in with the specific website’s niche.

For example, you may have come across the following phrases on websites before:

If you are looking for [insert website’s service or product here]
Then look no further than [insert website name here]
We are the number one supplier of [insert website’s service or product here]

When content is written in this manner it isn’t good because not only does the copy sound clunky, but if we’re noticing it then you can be sure that Google is also noticing it. While this copy may not be strictly duplicate, it does follow a pattern too closely to be unique.

SEO companies often supply content for client’s websites when they need to add SEO content to the homepage. However, where that content comes from and how it has been written isn’t always considered too important. It’s almost as if any content that mentions the keywords will be good enough for the job.

This isn’t the case. Content needs to be well written, engaging and SEO focused. Cookie cutter content doesn’t add value to your website and won’t help your efforts for any lasting rankings within Google.

  • SEO content needs to engage the reader, transporting them down the buying or contacting route. Many SEO companies see page hits as the end goal, if those hits leave the page without converting your SEO budget is wasted.

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