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SEO copywriters could be replaced by robots

SEO copywriters could be replaced by robots

The world of SEO copywriting should make the most of the current preference for human content writers because research scientists at Tokyo University have recently created a robot with journalistic skills. Just like a real journalist, the robot is able to move around independently and recognise anything unusual in the environment. When anything potentially newsworthy is discovered, the robot is able to take photographs and interview bystanders. As it is also connected to the Internet it can research online for additional information regarding a story, before churning out an article and uploading it to the Web.

Unless the robots are programmed to become any more lifelike, they will probably roam the streets at all hours with no need for refreshment or sleep, and creation and uploading of articles may well occur before any human writers have had time for their second cups of coffee. Robots are also much more well-disposed towards trundling into dangerous areas, such as war zones, than their human counterparts.

While all this may cause writers a lot of concern, it is likely that other people will be fond of their metal replacements, as a research study in Munich found that people were happy to help a lost robot that continually asked for directions, while in New York, a tiny robot was guided to its destination by pedestrians who could easily have pushed it into traffic instead. It may be only a matter of time before robots are writing everything we read but, until then, human professionals who are skilled in writing are still available.

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