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Self-drive car approved in Nevada

Self-drive car approved in Nevada

A vehicle licence has been approved for a self-drive car in the state of Nevada. Google has been working on the technology for a self-drive car for a while, with a Toyota Prius to be the first on the road in Nevada. The driverless car took its first journey down the famous strip in Las Vegas.

According to Google engineers, the driverless cars are much safer as most accidents occur due to human error. A number of safety features adorn the vehicles, including radar sensors, roof mounted cameras and a laser range finder which will ‘see’ other road users. The car has previously been tested on California’s streets, including the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. A fully trained driver was present in the cars during the tests so that they could take control if the software failed. Sebastian Thrun, a Google software engineer, has confirmed that the car has travelled 140,000 miles without an accident. The only incident that did occur was a vehicle going into the back of the driverless car.

According to the director of the Department of Motor Vehicles in Nevada, Bruce Breslow, self-drive cars are the car of the future. The law was changed in Nevada during March, so that self-drive cars can be permitted. The Google car is recognisable by its red number plate, with an infinity sign and number 001.

Google technology is yet again leading the way for society, with self-drive cars due to become popular in Nevada. Changes to Google technology can often necessitate changes to a company’s SEO campaign, as the search engine giant leads the way in a number of areas, whether it’s in Chester or Nevada.

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