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Secure password creation from Google Chrome

Secure password creation from Google Chrome

The latest add-on for Google Chrome is going to be a password generator that will create complex passwords which are not easily guessed, for users who are signing up to a new website. Subscribing to a new site requires the completion of a field possibly containing a user name, email address and a new password. The new tool will recognise such a situation and when the password field is presented, an icon will be displayed by Google Chrome which will allow users to decide whether they want Google to create a password for them.

However, a number of sites require various combinations of passwords like one number and six letters, or another combination. If the password which is created for the user doesn’t fulfil the criteria, the password may have to be changed. Google are working on this problem along with other potential difficulties, hoping to improve the service. Google reinforced the practicality of the tool by saying:

“Passwords are not a very good form of authentication. They are easy to use but they are trivial to steal, either through phishing, malware, or a malicious/incompetent site owner. Furthermore, since people are so apt to reuse passwords losing one password leaks a substantial amount of your Internet identity.”

In the early stages of the tool, difficulties may arise which Google will work to resolve. The search engine company constantly works to improve a user experience, which is why it forms a part of any SEO campaign, whether the business is located in Ellesmere Port or elsewhere in the world.

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