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Search rates continue to grow

Search rates continue to grow

In a report released last week, it was made glaringly clear that the number of searches is increasing and is unlikely to flatten off any time soon.

The report, conducted by BIA/Kelsey in the US, revealed that over 75 billion search queries were made throughout 2011. The majority of these, at nearly 55 billion, were made by users using laptops and desktop computers. However, the use of mobile devices rose significantly.

In the last year, more than 19.7 billion searches were made on a mobile device – either a smartphone or a tablet – revealing to SEOs in Wirral and the world over just how important mobile search is right now and how important it is set to become in the very near future.

Though the BIA/Kelsey research shows that both forms of online searches will rise dramatically in the next four to five years, mobile search is set to surpass desktop searches by as soon as 2015. This will surprise many, who may not have predicted such an event within the next five years, if at all.

The total number of search requests being placed in 2015 is predicted to be close to 160 billion. Tablets and smartphones will account for 54 per cent, or 86 billion, of these.

The challenge for companies that employ content and SEO strategies to drive their traffic therefore is to develop sites that can deliver perfectly for all platforms. With defined differences needed for each approach, those wanting to ensure they have market share in both arenas need to pay attention.

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