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Schwarzenegger tweets ‘swift action’ over wife’s indiscretion

Schwarzenegger tweets ‘swift action’ over wife’s indiscretion

When politicians promise ‘swift action’ you can generally take it with a pinch of salt and ignore it, for little or no action will be taken, and certainly not ‘swiftly’. However, when that politician is Arnold Schwarzenegger and he’s promised his swift action by the medium of Twitter, it’s fair to assume that Arnie will keep his word.

The problem is, it’s his own wife, Maria Shriver, who’ll bear the brunt of Arnie’s swift action.

Schwarzenegger, yesterday

Schwarzenegger, as we all know, is the governor of California (as well as the biggest action star in the world) and in 2008 he brought in a law in California stating that it was illegal to use your cell, sorry mobile, phone while driving. The law only carries a $20 fine for breaking it on a first offence (which is about £12, how civilised – much more lenient that using your mobile while driving through Ellesmere Port) but if it’s Schwarzenegger’s law, it must be obeyed… only his wife has ignored this law, twice!

Maria Shriver has been photographed by a celebrity website chatting away on her phone while driving, and this angered the Governator.

Schwarzenegger responded to the news of his wife’s indiscretions on Twitter, as he is prone to do these days:

Thanks for bringing her violations to my attention. There is going to be swift action.

Maria Shriver has since apologised and announced that she’s donating her phone to charity… which does seem something of a small gesture. Shriver wrote on her website:

I’m sorry. I will be donating my favourite old cell phone to my Women’s Conference partner Verizon that helps domestic violence shelters.

I invite anyone else who wants to recycle their old phone to join me. That’s my version of swift action with a higher purpose.

Do all married couples in America communicate via their websites and Twitter?

  • Schwarzenegger should sign the domestic violence funding bill immediately, and not when he feels like it, because to save a battered woman is an emergency. How can a 97 lb. woman, who is seven months pregnant, defend herself from a 300 lb., muscle-bound terminator?

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