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Schwarzenegger crashes in on Twitter

Schwarzenegger crashes in on Twitter

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Governator, dropped in on Twitter this last week to meet the founders, see their offices and take part in some Q&A tweets live on the website. Governor Schwarzenegger said that he regularly uses Twitter to keep in touch with the electorate as it’s a great way of knowing what the voters think very quickly.

While he was at Twitter’s office he met the founders, Evan Williams and Biz Stone and took part in the live chat via Twitter. The Governor of California was asked questions about the economy in the US and about his days as Mr Universe.

Arnie commented about Twitter:

Social networking, I think, is something you have brought to the ultimate level. It is brilliant what you came up with, staggering.

Schwarzenegger on Wednesday, leaving Twitter's office

The star of the Terminator movies then added how much he likes to use Twitter.

You always try to reach out and touch the people; you need to know always what they are feeling and it changes so quickly. We see it with health care reform.

Schwarzenegger then advised the Twitter owners that they should have a gym on site to help their staff stay fit. Arnie was probably disgusted that he was surrounded by computer nerds and there wasn’t a bench press in sight.

One Twitter user asked the Governator:

Why can’t other states have a governor this awesome?

Naturally this appealed to Schwarzenegger’s modest ego, as he responded:

That’s why I’m the one and only.

Arnie then left the Twitter offices, but it’s not known if he stopped at the door, turned around, smiled a wry smile and declared that would at some point return, in the very near future.

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