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Scheduling feature introduced by Twitter


Scheduling feature introduced by Twitter

Microblogging site Twitter has introduced a new feature that will have content creators and social media managers excited.

The site has introduced a tweet scheduling facility on the web version of Twitter, something which has, up until now, only been available through third-party tools such as TweetDeck.

The announcement was made via the platform from the @TwitterSupport account at the end of last week.

The feature is enabled through the Tweet Composer box. Firstly, the user creates the tweet they want to send. Instead of hitting the ‘Send’ button, the user should divert their attention to the menu of options to the left of the button. The schedule tweet option comes under the calendar icon. Once clicked, a pop-up box will appear and will allow users to schedule a tweet from that moment for up to 18 months in advance. The user simply selects the date and time that they wish the tweet to be published.

From this window, users will also be able to see a list of all tweets that have been scheduled for that account and can make any adjustments that may be needed before the tweet is published. This is also only available through the web version of the site.

This feature is not yet available on the mobile version of the site, with updates to the app coming far less frequently than the web version. However, when the mobile app is updated, it tends to get a block of updates at once. It is anticipated that the scheduling feature will come to the mobile version of Twitter during its next major update. However, as the web version of the site is not restricted to desktops, this feature can still be accessed through a mobile device via the mobile web browser.

Along with the scheduling feature, users now have the ability to save tweets as drafts. This is already available on the mobile version of the site and has been for a long time, so it is easy to forget that it was not able to save a draft on the web version. This feature works exactly the same way as it already does on the mobile app.

The introduction of these features should be welcome news to those who manage a business’ Twitter account as they will no longer have to rely on third-party tools or publish their tweets live. They should now be able to prepare their social content in advance and have the process made easier without having to leave Twitter.

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