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Say Ello to new social media style


Say Ello to new social media style

A new social network is currently in the pipeline, which aims to challenge the likes of Facebook.

Ello is a new social platform that combines some of the elements of the already popular sites Facebook and Twitter. Each profile comes with both a profile and a cover photo, along with a wall for content to be posted. Interactions between users of the network will take the format of tweets, each beginning with the @ symbol.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that networking giant Facebook had 1.32 billion active users. According to Pew Research, 73% of adults who use the Internet also use social networks and 71% of this figure are users of Facebook, meaning that almost every social networker uses the site.

Ello is currently only in beta mode, meaning that it is still being tested by developers and that there are still a few issues to be ironed out, but it’s beginning to attract some attention, with around 31,000 people requesting to access the site in the last week or so.

The site’s stance positions itself as an alternative to Facebook and its internet marketing strategy will not use advertising. It claims to be reaching out to those who have had enough of having their activities and interactions “tracked, recorded and converted into data”. It will also take a zero-tolerance policy against abusive behaviour.

Ello is an invite only platform, although potential users can request to be invited. With the correct support, could this site become the next big social network?

Alan Littler

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