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Russian tech firm launches double-sided smartphone

Russian tech firm launches double-sided smartphone

A modem development company in Russia has launched its first smartphone – an innovative device with a screen on either side that it hopes will allow it to tap into foreign markets.

Yota Devices has been working on the smartphone since 2010. While the oil-rich nation has proved to be a receptive market for mobiles from firms such as Samsung and Apple, developers in the country have so far failed to design successful handsets.

Speaking to Reuters, Yota Devices CEO Vlad Martynov said the firm plans to release the phone in 20 countries in 2014, following its debut this year in Russia, France, Spain, Germany and Austria.

Called the YotaPhone, the device features an LCD display on one side and an electronic ink screen on the other.

While the main backlit display will be used for browsing the web, accessing social media newsfeeds, making calls and other traditional smartphone functions, the e-paper display – which, like the screen of an Amazon Kindle, is designed to resemble the appearance of ink on paper – will stream text messages, weather news and maps, amongst other features. The electronic paper display will also be capable of providing social media updates.

Referring to the global success experienced by Apple following the 2007 release of its first iPhone, Martynov is confident that the double-sided approach will be adopted by other developers in the next three years.

However, some analysts – including Denis Kuskov, from TelecomDaily – have been sceptical over whether or not the company will hit the same levels of success as Apple or Samsung.

It remains to be seen whether the dual screen design will catch on with other developers around the world – or strike a chord with consumers.

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