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Road sign errors cause havoc for drivers

Road sign errors cause havoc for drivers

A driving instructor from Essex has obtained photographic evidence of road signs which contain errors or are damaged, leading to danger and confusion for drivers. According to Echo-News. co.uk, the driving instructor is campaigning against the huge number of poor road signs in the area.

Tariq Musaji, aged 42 of Billericay spoke to the news website, saying:

“Traffic signs and road markings play a vital role in directing, informing and controlling road users’ behaviour.”

Mr Musaji is amazed at the lack of effort in the correction of the road signs, especially as they could prove to be potentially dangerous for drivers. A large number of road signs are damaged and poorly maintained, which means that road users can’t easily read directions. Even a road sign which welcomes visitors to Gainsborough has been stolen, leaving two metal posts in it’s place.

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