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RIP old-school sales styles

RIP old-school sales styles

Buy! Buy! Buy! Buy our product! Buy it now!

Not working? Don’t feel bad – to be honest, I didn’t think that my sales technique was really going to work. It was just a fiendishly clever and subtle way to demonstrate that, on the Internet, traditional hard-sell sales styles simply don’t work.

The Internet has changed a lot of things, and one of the most important, from a business point of view, is the way sales work. The SEO industry is a prime example of this, and it’s something to be thought about if you’re looking at getting into the SEO industry.

Sales styles have had to change on the Internet because information is so easily accessible. Instead of having to rely on the sales pitch; Internet users can instantly compare products, services and deals. In the search engine optimisation industry, consumers have access to a wealth of information, are likely to have read thoroughly on competitors’ websites, and require SEO sales consultants to give them solid reasons to commit. This is why going at it like a mad Merseyside used car salesman isn’t the way to go.

Traditional just doesn’t work with SEO sales jobs, and it’s probably for the best. From a consumer and a sales consultant point of view, an information-based decision is far more desirable.

If you did read the first sentence of this article and feel a compulsion to make a purchase, though, ignore everything said above. Just click on the giant, flashing ‘buy now’ sign and provide us with all your credit card details…

…we of course don’t have a big flashing ‘buy now’ sign, but you knew that, didn’t you?

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