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Reveal your true self for SEO

Reveal your true self for SEO

Online dating usually involves the covering up of real-world selves. People lie about their height, age, hair colour, weight, and even gender when they’re trying to attract a mate. When you’re trying to attract customers, however, it can really help to reveal the ugly truth.

Business on the Internet is becoming more and more a game of personalities, particularly if you’re working on your site’s search engine optimisation plan. Many businesses are incorporating some form of social aspect into their SEO, whether it be a full social media campaign or some basic social media optimisation on their own pages. Most of them, however, are reluctant to provide enough information to allow Internet users to get to know them.

The social media runs on information. If you don’t fill out your profile pages sufficiently, it can look like you’re hiding something, effectively undermining your campaign. The ‘ugly truth’ doesn’t have to be all of your staff’s deepest and darkest secrets, or anything similarly off-putting. It means developing a profile of your business as a personality, with likes and dislikes, a history, photos of staff, and all the things a friendly social media user would provide.

As most SEO companies show by example, a friendly profile makes best business use of social media. Many SEO careers have been boosted by an effective bio or friendly photo. Developing relationships with your site users is much like developing any other kind of relationship, and revealing a little about yourself is always going to help the process. For strong relationships, show your true self.

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