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Reused stationery shows how far marketing has come

Reused stationery shows how far marketing has come

Francis Maude, the Cabinet office minister, has said that old stationery from abolished Quangos (quasi autonomous governmental organisations) should be reused to save money. He plans to abolish 192 agencies, merge 118 and reform 171 leaving a great deal of headed stationery whose old names should be crossed out and new ones inserted. Former Conservative Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, famously insisted that this be done in 1988 when the Department of Health and Social Security was split into two separate entities. Whilst this is an admirable sentiment from the point of view of cost-savings and eco-friendliness, in reality reused stationery looks very unprofessional.

Fortunately, this is something that the web-wise entrepreneur need not worry about. All changes and alterations to web content can be made instantly online with the company retaining its professional image. There is nothing more irritating than spelling and grammar mistakes in the public domain, held up for all to ridicule on a national scale.

One sure way to avoid this embarrassment is to outsource content to a reputable article writing service. These agencies specialise not only in producing perfect content, copy, articles and blogs, but they are also used to working to the needs of search engine optimisation campaigns.

By making full use of professional copywriters, used to working SEO keywords naturally into their copy, a website can benefit from the traffic provided by search engines whilst still proving readable and useful to the subsequent visitors, presenting a professional image. This is something that re-used stationery, no matter how worthy, cannot convey.

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