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Research pane added to Google Docs

Research pane added to Google Docs

The introduction of a research pane into Google Documents, now known as Google Drive, has created concern amongst individuals who believe it may lead to students being able to cheat or become lazy. The research pane has been added to make it easier for anyone using Google Docs to carry out research and insert it into a piece of work.

The online word processor by Google will search for relevant topics and display them in the research pane, which is on the right hand side of the screen. The information can be inserted by just clicking a button. However, a number of individuals are concerned that the feature will encourage students to use the information by copying rather than doing their own research. It is possible to restrict the research to images and quotes rather than search the whole of Google.

Sarveshwar Dudd, a software engineer for Google, said:

“If you find something you like, you can add it by clicking the insert button or, for images, by dragging them directly into your document. From the research pane, you can search for whatever info you need to help you write your document. With just a couple clicks you can look up maps, quotes, images, and much more.”

Google strives to make life easier for all users, whether they are searching or preparing documents. A business will feature Google as an integral part of the search engine optimisation process, knowing that alterations to services may affect page ranking. Changes made by Google may also make some SEO jobs more complex.

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