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Remember you’re a Womble on your website

Remember you’re a Womble on your website

‘Remember you’re a Womble,’ the song says. Or said, more years ago than many of us would like to remember. For those of us who grew up with the minuscule, hairy, litter-loving creatures the Wombles, some things just get stuck in the memory. Things like the many Womble songs, which entreated children pick up litter while enjoying the environment.

Not many people would expect anything from the Wombles album to come in handy in adult life, but it is possible. In particular, the song ‘Remember You’re a Womble‘ when it comes to SEO.

The distinguishing feature of the Wombles was their tendency to clean up. Inhabiting Wimbledon Common, and presumably other parks all the way from Cheshire to China, the furry creatures would tidy away rubbish, ensuring that the park stayed clean and enjoyable for everyone. The same principle applies for your website, where allowing clutter to build up has similar consequences.

Site clean-ups should be a part of your regular maintenance routine for search engine optimisation. Tasks include reviewing and editing code, removing old pages, updating images and reassessing site link structure. All of these SEO jobs help the search engines find your content more easily, giving your updated pages a chance to impress. Taking care of these simple tasks will also help your site’s operation, ultimately adding to your reputation score.

So remember: underground, overground, or wombling free on your site, it pays to act like a Womble, picking up and tidying away any forgotten trifles –  and remember-member-member what a Womble-Womble-Womble you are.

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