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Hit the target

Remarketing Ads: what are they and why should you run them?

Hit the target

Remarketing Ads: what are they and why should you run them?

If you’re considering running Facebook Ads, there’s one type of ad you should ensure you run above all else – remarketing ads, otherwise known as retargeting ads.

Read on to discover what these ads are, how they work and why you need to run them.

What are remarketing ads?

A remarketing ad is targeted at people who have previously visited your website. Have you ever been scrolling through Facebook and suddenly seen an ad for an item of clothing you were looking at yesterday, and thought “that’s freaky”? The ad isn’t just a strange coincidence – you were the target of a remarketing ad.

Remarketing ads allow you to target people based on their activity on your website. That means, like in the scenario above, you can show ads to people who looked at certain products but didn’t make a purchase. You can also show ads to people who visited a page to book onto a webinar you’re running, but didn’t sign up, or who added something to their basket but didn’t follow through with the purchase.

How do they work?

For remarketing ads to work, you need to have a Facebook Pixel installed on your website. This is absolutely essential – we’ve previously written about what a Facebook Pixel is here. In short, the Pixel allows Facebook to track a user’s activity on your website, which then allows you to create remarketing audiences using this data.

For example, you could set up an audience of all visitors to your website in the last 30 days and show ads to these people. You can also tailor this further, creating audiences of people who visited specific webpages, which then allows you to create more targeted ads, like the examples listed above.

Why you need to run a remarketing campaign

Remarketing campaigns and ads are invaluable tools for businesses. Imagine if you ran a bakery and saw someone looking at one of your cakes, debating whether or not to make a purchase. They decide not to, but you can tell they were tempted, so you follow them around all day wafting the delicious cake under their nose, until they finally cave in and buy it. While this would be a strange scenario offline, you can do exactly that with retargeting ads, and it really works.

In fact, remarketing ads are 76% more likely to receive clicks than regular ads. This is because people are already familiar with your business, and they’re already interested in your products – the ad simply helps push them over the line.

To make retargeting ads even more tempting, you can offer exclusive discount codes to help secure the sale, offering money off or free delivery, for example.

Without running retargeting ads, potential sales are escaping faster from your website than air from an untied balloon. Here at Engage Web, we can set up and manage retargeting ads for businesses, or we can set them up and leave them to run. We can also create and manage more extensive campaigns alongside retargeting ads. If you’d like to have a chat about investing in Facebook Ads for your business, get in touch today.

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