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Relevancy doesn’t mean regurgitation

Relevancy doesn’t mean regurgitation

When you write content for your website it’s important to keep your content on topic, relevant. This is obvious, or at least it should be. There’s no point writing about what you did at the weekend if your website is about antique restoration (unless of course you spent all weekend restoring antiques).

You are adding content to your website to build up a resource of relevant content so that Google can categorise your site far easier, and your website will perform better in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

That’s the science bit at least.

The downside is that many webmasters, and SEO companies from what we have read online recently, interpret this to mean that you should regurgitate your content over and over again, saying the same thing repeatedly in as many different ways as humanly possible. While this may work for SEO in the sense that it will enforce the topic of your website, it won’t work for building natural links, attracting a readership, encouraging comments and receiving any sort of traffic from your content.

First off, what do we mean by regurgitation?

Let’s say we’re an SEO company (oh yeah, we are) and we want to write articles about SEO and Internet marketing. If we simply regurgitated the same articles, we would have a dozen or so articles on our website about to write robots.txt files, htaccess files, writing Meta keywords and description tags, installing WordPress etc… you get the idea.

None of these articles would say anything new that any of the others hadn’t already said, they’d simply exist to cram the keywords in and hope for search engine rankings.

This is not how to utilise content.

Going through the motions and writing uninspiring, uninteresting content such as this will only have a minimal effect on your SEO. Your content needs to be interesting, opinionated, news based and above all else, offer something new.

Robotic content for robots is one thing, but robots don’t buy from your website, they only index it!

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