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Related topics filter coming to Google desktop search results

People at computer

Related topics filter coming to Google desktop search results

A “related topics filter” was launched on mobile back in December, and now, after months of testing, Google has announced it will be rolling this out across desktop search results.

Google has been testing out the filters over the past few months on desktop search, so you may have already seen these appearing in search results. In the next few weeks, you’ll probably see more filters appearing when searching on desktop.

The below screenshot (sourced from Search Engine Land) shows us how the new filters in desktop will be shown:

google search bar filters new trigger
google search bar filters new trigger

Why should you care about these new filters?

From a searcher’s perspective, the filters can help to finetune information to find exactly what you are looking for, thus resulting in a better user experience.

For businesses and search engine optimisation (SEO) specialists, this may increase search volume for some longer tail keywords because the results are more specific. This could be good news if you’re ranking for longer tail keywords related to your business, as Google is likely to point more traffic in the direction of your site.

These new filters also seem likely to be useful for keyword research for SEO, as they will help to find related topics and will give SEOs more insight on keyword opportunities.

The system Google is using for this new search feature will automatically determine the most relevant filters related to your search query. You will also be able to click on ‘All filters’ if the filter you’re looking for isn’t listed, meaning you can still filter down related to other specific parameters.

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