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Reflections on tone and content

Reflections on tone and content

If you are establishing a website or launching a search engine optimisation campaign, you will not be able to escape considering what tone you should be utilising in your production of relevant and original content. Copywriting services have to deal with this dilemma on a constant basis. One of the secrets of effective SEO copywriting is recognising that ‘one size does not fit all.’ In other words, the tone a writer endeavours to create and sustain is closely linked to the purpose of the content.

Producing content which is inappropriate in tone will reflect poorly on your writing skills and fail to engage with your intended target audience. It can even prove a bit embarrassing and thus adversely influence consumer perception of your business. In short, there is quite a lot to lose from using a tone which does not match with your content. Hence careful consideration of the issue is obviously a prudent precaution to take.

Typical content needed for a website may include things like blog copy, legal copy and standard website copy. There may be no rigid rules with regard to the correct tone to use, but it is easy to discern if a writer makes a blunder. If the blog copy is full of legal terms and complicated prose, it could easily alienate the reader. If the legal copy consists of witticisms and tries to connect with cool geeks, it is not going to achieve the necessary seriousness.

Similarly, the website copy cannot succeed if it ignores the type of reader the site is hoping to welcome back again and again.

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